So I've "invented" an indicator

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  1. Yeah, I figured as much about the lawyer part, although I'm trying to prolong that agony. I was wondering if anyone else has had any experience (good or bad) to share with marketing automated systems to institutional money. How did you protect yourself?

    I'm definitely not up for the Dr. Jelly-finger treatment, JJ, as they probably wouldn't even have the courtesy to give a reach-around.
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  2. No patent. Sorry.

    Does anyone pay royalties to Bollinger for using his indicator? Don't think so.
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  3. Agreed Thunderdog. That's what I am trying to figure out. What is it that keeps every I-bank from stealing automated programs from their creators once you start using their systems, money, clearing, etc.? These are the things I am trying to figure out. I do not plan on giving out the formulas, criteria, etc. however, I don't think it would be difficult for the system to be copied.
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  4. Although I have never dealt with institutions in this regard, my guess is that you are off base. I doubt they are in the market for automated systems from outsiders. (Just guessing here.)

    If your method/indicator is so good, then why not trade it, develop a track record and offer to manage institutional funds? You will not have to disclose the nuts and bolts of your method, so it will remain your own. And if you're in a hurry, shouldn't your self-described "off the charts" performance get you there fast?

    For the purposes you have in mind, I think that introducing a lawyer in this picture would only ensure that he emerges as the principal beneficiary.
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  5. Wow, T-Dog is even more cynical than I am! :eek:
    Everyone signs non-disclosure agreements and supposedly then every thing is copacetic.

    The thing is, (once they pirate and copy your system), all they have to do is make minor alterations to it, AND IT'S NO LONGER YOUR SYSTEM!.
    Like T-Dog said, if you really want OPM that badly, you should build your system with a solid track record from the ground-up.

    I will personally guarantee you, if your system is as good as you say it is (hey, why not) people will be THROWING their money at you, hand over fist.

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  6. The point of this thread wasn't to tell you how great my system is or that I'd like to raise OPM or whatever, the point was how to protect my system IF that is the route I decide to go.

    So basically what I've gathered from this thread is that I can trademark but not patent my system, and other than non-disclosure documentation there is no way for me to keep someone from copying it.

    Would anyone else care to chime in?
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  8. I was just thinking the world really needs another TA indicator.
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  10. At the risk of belaboring the point, the only way to protect your system is to keep it to yourself.

    A trademark is only for the name. (Who cares?) A patent is out of the question and a bit on the laughable side. And even if you were to somehow obtain a patent, which you could not, how would you enforce compliance? Further, in applying for a patent, you would have to disclose the exact nature of your "process." Therefore, I think it would be a matter of public record. It is unworkable even if it were possible, which it is not! You could copyright your method, but that is only for literary purposes. What good would that do you?

    As for non-disclosure agreements, I would suggest you have it printed on soft, double-ply paper. At least then it will have some use. For all practical purposes, how would you go about policing and enforcing a non-disclosure agreement? Really. Think it through.
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