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Discussion in 'Journals' started by wildshoe, Jul 30, 2008.

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    Apparently I am doing pretty well, though I'm inclined to believe I am just getting an extreme case of beginner's luck.

    I've been trading stocks exclusively, and a couple indexes(if I'm not wrong).
    Just yesterday I did something different and made some swing trades to see how it'd work out, before I'd been closing everything by market close (or if something came up @ work, since I do this all @ work).

    I've been trading using the Real-Time Quotes on Yahoo, and if a price is in doubt (such as after I've decided to sell yet am still typing out my sell order and the price moves a couple cents, I take the disadvantageous price), I've included $10 commission on both BUYs+SELLs.

    I'm aware this is fake money, and I'm aware slippage has not been accounted for, but something has to be up.

    8+% return in 8 days? only like 4-5 days of actual trading?
    Is this good?
    Am I taking too much risk ~5 total equity per trade?
    Are my stops too close? ~.5-2% stop losses?
    How can I improve?
    How can I make this more realistic(minus using real money)?
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    Try using a paper trading platform like Think Or Swim's (it's free) for a little more realism.
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    Thanks i'll look into this when I get home, looks legit =]