So is this how a free market works?

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  1. Coordinated intervention by central banks to flood the world with US dollars. This is sheer madness, commodity prices and inflation will soar. Remember this…central banks create two thing and two things only….DEBT & INFLATION.

    This is not a free market.
  2. lol....has not been free in years.

    Why do you think all the Noobs on ET are so successful? I mean they trade these

    Reality, Markets are dead. Volume is a joke and most of the "Retail Traders" are gone. Banks, some small shops and a few dreamers are trading US markets for a living.

    I'm sure the bafoons' on this site caught the Pop

    Who cares anyway....

    Now that the Central Banks have decided to kick the can down the road....oil, food et all is gona sky rocket....Inflation could double before 2014.

    Just make money and tons of it cuz, your gona need it. We all need to make tons of money in order to survive...
  3. This is the kind of insanity that lead to Occupy Wall Street. The gummint and central banksters will do absolutely anything and everything to save wall street but nothing to save main street. Their response to main street: be patient all this money printing and wall street bonuses will eventually "trickle down". And the gullible sheeple buy this - they deserve to get fleeced.
  4. Seems it was about 10 years ago or so... that the markets morphed into what could be called, "interventional"... Get a handle on that for your trading/investing plays ... or perish.

  5. It never has been.

    You only just now figured this out?
  6. That's about 10% correct. The other 90% of OWS... is about lazy, selfish greedy little bastards wanting something (more accurately, "lots of things/EVERYTHING") for free... at the expense of others.
  7. No, most "Occupiers" would be perfectly happy if they had handouts and guaranteed they'd never have to work again. (Or perhaps promised that they could "use" their worthless liberal arts degrees to make a living as non-starving artists).

    There's little consensus among them and most have no idea what the real problems are.
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    I complete agree with what you said. You just said everything I wanted to say. I think you are such an experienced trader!
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    welcome to Gottam city but there is no batman to save this world...


    print baby print
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