so is it really true, that...

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    ... there were protests in america, because of this cover?:


    (read this here in an austrian newspaper - they told that it was the first time ever that one of the bigger parents-magazines dared to put a naked breast on the cover).

    so - pictures about the war (even dead bodies maybe) - anywhere - anytime - ok?

    BUT - a picture of the MOST NATURAL THING of nature - NO WAY???

    how sick can you be?
  2. That magazine should be called....."Boobie Talk"!!! :D
  3. Pekelo


    I dunno...but I am getting thirsty...
  4. We are the richest most powerful nation on the planet. Our citizens have nothing better to do than to protest inane nonsense to keep themselves busy.

    That's my theory anyway. :D
  5. The sad thing is that if it were a black woman's breast few if any people would gripe. Why?? :confused:

    -1bigsteve (o:
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    You do understand that the shadow goernment has to keep the American public busy with something. Otherwise Americans might begin to start thinking for a change and start asking more serious questions of their govt. Questions which their government don't want asked.

    Now you know why the American media has the most inane nonesense purveyed as "news", it's a constant process dumbing down the sheep.
  7. Who was protesting and where?
  8. Damn right-wing conservative religious-freaks! They condone bodies & blood & violence everywhere, TV, media, real-life, but show a single boob and they're offended!
  9. yea i used to love the national geographics

  10. ...And when those were not around, Ward's catalogs. Not as good but you take what you get when your 10. :)

    -1bigsteve (o:
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