So.......Iran has the bomb?

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  1. Iran has the bomb?

    Was the cetrifuge spinning just a game of 3 card monte? "hey infidels" (everyone), "look over here at what I am doing!!"

    Meanwhile they purchase weapons from Russia/Korea/China. Hell, the china oil deal struck up with them might have included nukes.
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    1/ no they dont. their uranium is only capable of 20-30% enrichment. you need 90% for a bomb

    2/ more scare mongering by the old bush war machine. still controlled & paid for by the zionists i see

    3/ if he does, it may bring some peace to the area. put the frightners on the main troublemaking zionists anyway.

    4/ we let israel (a country with terrible human rights record and track record of overt aggression against weaker land OWNERS) to develop a bomb under the table, so it wouldnt be democratic if we stopped other nations doing the same - unless we took israels bombs away as well. it would show favoritism which would lead to more aggression.

    face it: the middle east needs a good strong monster as a ruler, otherwise they all start kicking up dont they? look at the zionists - they kept their heads down when saddam was kicking scuds over the fence. world peace! it was great! the zionists were too scared to do anything. once they paid usa to kick saddam out, they start playing up. then, low and behold, osama bl turns up, the taliban, etc and it all kicks off. 9-11 etc.

    once the west stops supporting zionist causes, the world will be a better place.
  3. Fred, there is no doubt you have never left your city, let alone your neighborhood.

    No way you have ever been overseas, let alone the middle east.

    So you have this bias that effects your reality to such a degree as to foster all out hate.

    How do those mental deficiencies effect your trading?

    Since you probably offended a few folks, it should not be a problem in accepting the fact that you are an ignorant fuck. And probably severely lazy.

    Good trading Fred.

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    Yea, I agree with everything you say. It would be nice if tomorrow they had a nuclear test, it would bring stability to the region, and save many Iranian lives. But I doubt they will, probably all they are talking about when "they will show the west" is a large demonstration in support of their country, as opposed to the overthrow attempts.
  5. the jewish lobby make a big deal out of this BS
  6. There were lots of idiots in the west who supported Stalin, there were lots of idiots in the west who supported Hitler, there were lots of idiots in the west who sympathized with the Soviet Union, communist China, Saddam Hussein, other dictators and totalitarian regimes. By definition idiots never learn and it's therefore no surprise that there still are lots of idiots in the world who sympathize with Iran and all other kinds of fundamentalists and Islamo-nazis. There is always a never ending supply of idiots in the world.

    Thinking that ayatollahs with nukes would be a stabilizing factor in the region and the world is certainly a clear sign of severe mental deficiency.
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    Perhaps if we could give away plenty of them and insure they never left the Middle East (either by missile or suitcase) then they'd all kill each other and leave us with the only problem of how to drill from the other side of a sheet of glass.

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    Now there are lots of idiots who support Zionist Appartheid regime in Israel.
  9. Once Islam (1.2 billion or so) stops the overwhelming desire to ensure everyone else in the world becomes Muslim, then we can worry about their overwhelmingly unnatural focus on a nation of a few million on a tiny strip of land, that beonged to them something like 1,500 years or more before Islam was even a concept.

    You should read up on how Islam spread during their first hundred years after the death of Muhammad. Hint: It was something like - snorting conquest and rampage throughout Arabia, northern Africa, Spain, France until halted by Charles Martel in 732 at the Battle of Tours/Poitier...
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    This must be some kind of a joke. The original Jews are today's Palestinians who converted from Judaism to Islam because of tax incentives.

    Today's Jews are Khazars / Ashkenazis to whom the land NEVER belonged and who were judaised around year 700 - 800. Today's Jews had originated from Central Asia then they spred across Europe through Ukraine, Poland and Germany.

    The grandfather of Jews was not Moses. Moses was the grandfather of Palestinians.

    The grandfather of Jews was rather Ghengis Khan...
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