So I'm with Gain Capital at the moment...

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Player, Oct 11, 2006.

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    Personally, the only real problem I have had so far is trading the news. But that is no big deal seeing as how it would be nearly impossible for a SPOT broker to allow every Joe Blow out there to trade the news..

    But I've been reading some bad reviews on them (Gain []), along with bad reviews on a number of other popular brokers (Oanda, FXCM, etc...)

    Now I'm wondering what all of you think. Do you think it is possible that the majority of these bad reviews are from idiots who don't really know what they are talking about and are simply angry because they lost most of their account due to some stupid mistakes? I personally lost 75% of my initial account within the first month because I decided I could trade the news. I made a mistake, and am fine with it. I have no one to blame but myself. So I want to know what all of you think? Anyone here that is semi educated have anything to say about these popular brokers that are only "out to get you!"

    To think, I seen people calling Oanda a scam because they raise their spreads to 15-30 pips during news releases? What kind of ignorance does a person have to posses to believe that they are doing so simply to scam their clients? That is completely ludicrous. So I really don't know what to believe with some of these reviews. Tomorrow I am planning on putting another 1.5K in my account so that I can get my free esignal, and free TopGun software. My biggest concern is that when I want to withdraw my money it may be difficult.

    Has anyone here withdrawn money from their broker with ease? Or was it difficult? It's a shame that a person has to turn to others to find the TRUTH on things, honesty seems to be missing in every aspect of society now a-days. Hell, even some of the people we turn to have no idea what they're talking about, yet feel they have the right to voice their ignorant opinion.

    So does anyone here have an honest opinion based of off truths? Has anyone here actually withdrawn money from their SPOT FOREX accounts? How difficult was it? This is my biggest concern. I am not nearly as afraid of loosing money due to stupid, or "set-up" trades as I am afraid of loosing money due to an incompetent, thief for a broker.
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    have you notice on some of these broker rating sites that there more bad reviews then good on 99% of brokers that or being review. makes you think
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    I had accounts with multiple forex MMs including fxcm and oanda, no issues what so ever with withdrawing money.

    As far as negative posts. Review some of the threads in forex section where I and few others explain why retail forex is not a real market and odds are geared against yuo even in one of the best forex MM - oanda. Plus it is more expensive than globex currency futures.

    And do not trade the news, it's a loosers game. You will not make big money there. Wait for a dust to settle down a bit and then place the trade if you get your signal.

  4. The rating sites are probably skewed. Traders making money will not bother to seek out rating sites to give their opinions - would you?

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    Ya, I think we all find out the news thing the hard way. The potential is certainly there, but to actually reach it is another story. And I'm only really planning on keeping my account with GAIN for the free software, I will be probably open up an account with MBT in the near future. Yes, to trade Forex, but I've been using their demo platform, and it definitely feels a lot less "rigged" than Gain ever did.. But then again, I am only using the demo with MBT. But personally, I feel a lot more comfortable SEEING what the company is making (on commissions) rather than sitting there wondering...
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    Good point.
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