So I'm watching sports highlights on ESPN

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ChkitOut, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. and they go to the florida marlins game recap and there might be like 17 fans in the stands.

    I mean, seriously.
  2. I get free tix to the Braves and still end up dropping a couple of c-notes with the wife and two grand kids. Plus you end up cramped in behind a bunch of drunk morons. Live games are not the same as they used to be:mad:

    Rennick Musial out:cool:
  3. Funny you bring up an AI article, in philly we have no problems selling out almost every phillies game. I never had a problem with iverson, he was kind of an a-hole at times but I think he had a good heart.
  4. Cool. Yankees > Phillies...and it's not really up for debate. As far as Iverson goes...I'm a huge fan of the guy. I just thought his exchange with the cop was funny. I actually know the girl that was with Iverson the night that he got into trouble in the bowling alley before attending Georgetown. Did I mention that the Phillies are trash?