So I'm Drinking Remy Martin Black Pearl w/this Dutch Supermodel...

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  1. ...and she bends over and whispers this question in my ear...

    'Wat doet u voor het leven?,' her sweet and lustly hot voice beckons softly...

    (The music is pulsating in the club, deep bass, people relaxed and in a nice mood, money dripping like honey everywhere with the hottest tail in every seat or on the floor)

    I tell her, in my broken Dutch, that I made some money in real estate in the U.S. when times were good, because I stayed away from debt, and cashed most of my properties out when times were good, and am keeping a low profile for now, with the world's economy in a rare and unknowable state (I even reference Rumsfeld's famous 'known unknown; unknown knowns' speech).

    So she throws her drink in my face (there's about $3,400 USD of my fricken' money down the drain), slaps me, and tells me that she only dates winners -

    - and she sexily saunters over to the guy decked out in Hugo Boss and dripping in 24 karat and dual triple studded 3 ct diamond ear rings, who is known by some as ' El Chupacabra,' but won't give his real name, but who turned $277.19 into $187,000,000.00 USD in 9 months time, posting his P&L log on a website called 'EliteTrader' along the way.

    How could this be? Has the world gone mad?

    I retire for the night, heading back to my modest (but at least paid for, thankfully) digs, wondering how it all went so terribly wrong...

    But alas, tomorrow is another day, and maybe the worm will turn.
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    she's not worth it bud...
  3. Obvious where you messed up.

    Should be dating a "model" instead of a snooty "super-model".

    BTW.... who determines the difference between a model and a supermodel, and just what is that diff??
  4. Thanks guys.

    Scataphagos and r4Nd.m, she probably was too hot for me, given my resources. I wasn't messed up, though.

    Part of my M.O. is to try and always stay in control. No more than two or three drinks unless it's a super special occasion.

    I should have known better. I flew too close too the sun, like Icarus, if only for that night.
  5. yeah, you don't want whiskey dick :D

  6. lol. Never again after the great 'Andrea Doria-like' sexual experience I had after consuming nearly a half a fifth of Black Velvet when I was young, broke and foolish.

    It just slowly kept sinking slowly no matter how vigorously I tried...slipping away from me...nothing either of us could do...
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    Price action....
  8. Next time, try it with a woman... might work better..
  9. Been there too, in my youth. I knew I was going to get laid at this party 10 yrs ago by a girl I had been "into" for a few years. I thought the best way to play it cool and keep down the anticipation while waiting for all the others to leave the party (it was her house) was to drink as many ice houses as possible. Later on that night, they caught up to me. Fortunately she gave me another chance the next morning :D

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    you think that was her....
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