So I'm doing some math....

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Eight, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. Eight


    Obama is demanding a Trillion in new taxes... I guess that's annual taxes?

    Corporations don't pay taxes other than sales taxes maybe. 45-50 million households don't pay anything to the feds... so maybe that leaves 50 million households to pay the trillion. That works out to $20,000/year for those households... I really don't thing the faltering economy can handle another burden like that... if it's spread over the next five years it figures out to $4000/year, who knows if the economy can handle even that?

    Obama only makes sense if he's viewed as a William Ayres type Communist that wants to burden the social services until the whole government is broken.. I guess they are supposed to ride in as our commie saviors at that point and toss out the constitution and declare themselves the true representatives of the proletariat or something..
  2. pspr


    As was pointed out to me in another thread, Washington is talking in terms of 10 years. Even so, we are talking about enough new taxes to derail a fragil economy. It's reported that people are already starting to run up credit card debt just trying to keep up with gas and food prices.
  3. The hole keeps getting bigger and bigger. If you dont' have money and you're buying food and gas on credit you're fucked.