So, if you have, say, 4 good setups

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    Because you don`t know how they exactly look like.They aren`t strictly formalized in your mind.
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    While I do appreciate all replies, I'm feeling like I asked what time it was and people are telling me how to make a watch.
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    while still waiting for the actual time? :D
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  5. Why wouldn't you just use THE best one, period? Sure, if you are a long-term investor that might get a tad boring, but for us daytraders, why don't we do that? Or maybe YOU do?

    As I day trader for sixteen years I used tons of different setups . Some worked , some did not . It depended on market conditions , volatility , etc. No strategy works equally on different types of market.
    About a year ago I got together with some smart tech guys and I gave them about two hundred different setups that I could recall from my trading past.Only eight of them (after some modifications) showed good results in a long distance . And only two of them are really consistent . But why would I give up another six if they make good money over long term. My robots do the trading , risk management is in place and I can take some swings. No pain, no gain:D
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