So i was called a jasper spy

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by traderpro, Mar 9, 2007.

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    you're a jasper spy
    you're a damm jasper spy. hyping them on the board. guys like you make me sick. i have a good mind to turn you into the fbi.

    03-09-07 09:30 PM

    Ok john maybe you should go back and read all of my posts. I just read yours. Call the FBI nothing to hide here but after when your wrong i do believe its a deformation suit. I think most traders had enough crap from this mess epically us innocent ones. But you either need to double your dose or need a good physiatrist. Where did you come from a random pm and one like is sick. I wont say this whole board is full of nuts like this guy but geez. Admin if you can please look into this John12 to post a debate on the board is one thing to send a pm like that is totally another. Lets use this board to share ideas if you have an issue with jasper take it up with them.

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    That looks like a terms of service violation. He is either owed some money and is pissed off or is looking to recruit business with a crazy pitch.

    The mouth on that guy. I say he is 5 foot 2 and stupid.

  3. They took part of his pm down which a paste. I would also be upset if i didn't get paid but to be paranoid and think people are spies is a bit of an extreme. Take jasper to court and don't bother me with this crap. Five foot two, i say an umpa lumpa dipa dee do..... I hope you get paid but that pm was not right
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    Tell him to be mindful of the black helicopters.
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    ... don't forget the naked girls.
  6. He will change his id from john12 to hhill.... Just watch the sauce
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    :) :) :)

    The illiteracy never stops. Next, he'll tell him to get bent.

  8. illiteracy..... lol

    Next time do a google when you don't understand something..
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    Is he to understand that the correct term is defamation?

    Understanding the term and recognizing a popular misspelling of the word are two different things.
  10. I would not call the FBI on you but I would call Belleview. Who comes out and vouches for the creditability of a firm which is caught doing all this crap with a 2 thumbs up.
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