So I was at Fidelity doing a simple "sell to open"...

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    And instead of hitting auto route I thought let me try BATS...See what happens. I've heard it talked about here on the forums. Got this pop up. This was just a one lot on BG. I am not a real active trader (about 25 covered calls a year). I went with the auto route, not knowing what I was getting into with BATS. Here is the disclaimer...Anything strange about it? Thanks

    Directed Trading Agreement
    This account has not agreed to the terms of directed trading. Please, read the agreement below and click agree to view the exchange data. You will not be asked to do this again.

    By selecting Directed for Route when trading options on, I indicate my acceptance of the Directed Trading for Options User Agreement and acknowledge and accept the risks set forth herein.

    1. Risks:
      Due to the nature of Directed Trading through different Exchanges, this form of trading may pose certain risks which may be greater than those present if orders are routed through Fidelity's proprietary order routing system during standard market hours. For example:

      Order Verification . Because speed to market is essential in a Directed Trading application, you may want to turn off the verification window, so that orders go straight to the selected destination. To do this you would check the Skip Order Preview box on the order ticket. If you check the Skip Order Preview box, you are asking Fidelity to eliminate your ability to review orders on a separate screen before they are sent to the selected Exchange. An Exchange, as used in Fidelity's Directed Trading option functionality, refers to one of the several option exchanges available through If you eliminate the ability to review orders it will impact all of your orders not just your option orders entered through, including both directed and non-directed orders. You understand that by choosing this option, you may increase the risk that you send orders to purchase and sell securities that differ from the orders you intended to send.

      You agree to accept this risk and acknowledge that Fidelity assumes no responsibility for any errors caused by you choosing to use this functionality and/or failing to adequately review your orders.
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    I have seen 856 of these for every account I have set up through IB over the years. (Three accounts for myself -- half-a-dozen (easy) for others.)

    You only have 855 to go. :confused:
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  3. BATS sell feeds to HFT, co-locate their servers at their data center to front run trades clearing on their system
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  4. %% Looks like a standard form.
    having done business with Fidelity before. no problem, most likely. You have already signed off on thier payment for order flow elsewhere, no big problem.[Actually speed over a long period of time increases errors, but most know that; 5 minute chart will have may more errors over, than 50days of 5 hours charts]:cool::cool:
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    Bats are ballers more legit than autoroute anyway. It does sound dangerous in there if you have all those scary hft traders trying so hard to make the prices so ridiculously tight. Much safer let me handle it