So I still don't get why Palin matters or is in the news constantly

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  1. She isn't even holding any public position and never said she
    was going to run for president (i think).

    Soooo??? I don't get it. :confused:
  2. olias


    I agree. I don't want to hear what Palin has to say on any matter. Republicans should ask her to keep her mouth shut because all she seems to do is make them look more and more ridiculous.
  3. Lucrum


    She's a convenient distraction for the leftist wackos.

    1) they hope no one will notice the emperor has no clothes
    2) they hope no one will notice the lefts own guilt, hypocrisy and failures
  4. Ricter


    She generates advertising's interest.
  5. Ratings! What else are these dopes going to talk about 24/7. Actual news of the day can be summed up in about 20 minutes, so it's rinse, wash, repeat. Then they have the nerve to ask why is everyone on edge all the time? Their constant railing away would make anyone a little nut's.
  6. jem


    she takes a very large chunk of democrat women and makes them republican.

    that is why she is on every progressive writers hit lits.

    The pro abortion crowd just had a significant chunk of their supporters neutralized maybe not converted to pro life, but not as pro abortion as they were.

    Compare Palin to the 70s radicals who run NOW.
  7. ======================
    Chick it out;
    A2]Attractive ,wise , conservative,Christian woman/gov experience;
    much more gov experience than most Chicago organizers,LOL...
    A3] Attractive Christian Woman/VP for Az Senator Mccain, that likes to hunt/2nd ammendment.

    And do NOT underestimate the carefully chosen Newsweek Photo cover , which proved ;
    attractive female figure!!:D :cool:

    Interestingly those reasons are why many hate her;
    men, but especially women...............
  8. Sarah Palin is cool. She irritates the hell out of the left, and she's beautiful!
    All the left has is Pelosi! [​IMG]
  9. Ricter


    The question pertains to why she has so much attention in the news. It is a business decision to cover her, based on advertising sales.

    Her politics are irrelevant, if she was uncovered as a serial murderer she would similarly generate advertising sales.
  10. We agree that it's about generating revenue for the most part, but to say her politics are irrelevant overstates it a bit. Palin does draw votes from the swing voters and that's a problem for Dems. It's a problem because their presidential candidate for 2012 is so weak.
    Let's face it, the only reason(s) Obama was elected is that GW was such a disaster, and the Repubs were too stupid to run Romney instead of McCain. The Repubs got all caught up in, it's his turn, he's paid his dues, and they ran the wrong guy. If they make the same mistake again, the entire Republican party should be dismantled as it would show they're just too stupid to govern.
    Palin herself is not a serious contender and anyone who would actually support her for president needs their head examined, but she will be a factor in drumming up votes, and that scares the shit out of the left, as well it should.
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