So I spent 5.5 k on new system, only to have my old system back (beyond mad)

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by mikasa, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. mikasa


    yes I am one angry mofo, but how could I not be
    check this out

    I buy the best shit 5.5 k can get you, huge ram, huge HDs,
    high performance video card

    I can load a newest PC game and have it run on 70-100 frames
    per second on huge resolution OK

    so ......

    why am I pissed

    I install win 7 so that all that wonderful fuking RAM of mine can be
    utilized 64 bit and all

    well guess what,

    my booting up time is THE SAME AS OLD computer

    my RAM usage is whopping 25-30% on IDLE WINDOWS

    my CPU usage is minimum 2% at idle.

    so I spent over 5 k and loaded win 7 just so Bill Gates can laugh at me.


    back to Windows XP I go :mad: :mad:
  2. what about 7?
  3. mikasa


    don't bother posting that I should disable features
    I've already tried that with win 7

    I ain't average computer user
  4. mikasa


    yeah sorry I meant 7

    made the correction, geez I am too pissed, I can't think straight
  5. That HAS been the game [throw away a perfectly good OS] for years...
  6. Bob111


    5.5K on PC? wow! max i spend on mine is about $500. even then- write them off as business are still looks fine. works fine on vista ultimate.
    what are specs of your PC?
    what it's for? HFT? :p
  7. mikasa


    no man no

    I use my PC to post on Elitetrader, my trades are 5 min to 5 hr

    so no not HFT

    I'll dig out the specs later, opening in 20 min
  8. mikasa


    it is so obvious to me now :mad:
  9. GTS


    If you want a faster boot you need to go with an SSD, a huge HD isn't going to speed your boot time. On a machine with enough resources Win 7 is going to boot faster than XP, all else being equal.

    Not sure why you care how much RAM is being used while idle - you would prefer that the OS didn't take advantage of all the RAM you bought?!? Unless the OS starves your apps when they request more memory I don't see the problem there. Personally I'd rather have the OS use extra memory for cache then to do nothing with it, if you really want to keep your memory free all the time I'm sure you can download some tweaker software to do just that but it seems pretty pointless to me.

    2% cpu usage at idle doesn't seem like a problem either - are you complaining that 2% is too much?
  10. mikasa


    look smarty pants

    if you believe that Windows 7 is justified for being such a huge resource HOG when idle

    if you think that its so much better than XP that being HOG is justified

    well sir , you don't know jack shit, and you are a type that likes
    to get bent over and pounded

    I am sick of these kids now a days, they don't teach them common
    sense in school or at home anymore :mad:
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