So I just got a power backup UPS

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by IronFist, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. APC Back-UPS ES 750, model BE750G.

    Powering my CPU, cable modem, two monitors, and external HD through the battery backup + surge protection.

    Protecting my speakers and printer with surge protection.

    Menu set to disable the beeping power outage alert at times when I'm in bed. lol.

    I'm a little confused tho, in the manual it said it needed 8 or 16 hours to fully charge. I've had mine plugged in for like 30 minutes and it says 100% charged. It also says only 10 min of backup power available. Is that because I have so much crap plugged into it? I mean 10 min is enough to get out of a trade (or place a trailing stop) but on the box it said up to 70 min or something (maybe that was for a low power drawing laptop).

    edit - Specs are 750 VA, 450 W. I got it at an Office Depot liquidation sale for $80 (same price as newegg except newegg's shipping is expensive because this unit is heavy)