So I just bailed out of this market

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    I'm theorising for the private retail investor/trader. Yes, its possible to trade between the 10 days and 2 years time horizons but I say its neither low-risk nor cost-effective.

    This view is very contrary to the financial sector as a whole, where long-term is seen as anything from 60 days to 3 years. Three years in investment terms is definitely not long-term. 12 months in trading terms is just not trading.
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    Someone leaked the date

    It reminds me, the intro from 1994 New Market Wizards, where Schwager waited for his friends call, to cover GBP position. Blew up a chunk of his account.
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  3. Everybody Bullshitting.
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    Nobody bullshits on ET.
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    I assume everyone on ET are 95% losers. Don't believe anyone here.
    I haven't read anything on here that is good in months if not years.
    What that tells me is nobody on this site knows anything.
    Most of the time I just read a few sentences then pass along.
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    I wonder how many folks here would pass the twisted Turing test.

    Accounts blown up. "up"

    Markets going down. "Down"

    "Interlinked up and down is the crown. Interlinked."

    "Interlinked". "down"?

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    [QUOTE="jinxu, post: 4964400, member: 190619"
    I haven't read anything on here that is good in months if not years.[/QUOTE]
    Per your handle you are jinxed, jinxu.:)
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    Spoiler alert for movie Blade Runner 2049...

    It's a beautiful movie... Great example.

    Honestly, i haven't given that much of attention, to the test at all.

    I was focusing on emotional experiences.

    First, we should put the tested ones, in the same conditions, in order to use such test :

    • Ones job would have to be, hunting down human like androids and killing them, while facing the emotional/empathic dilemma of importance of fake/artificial life & risking to die yourself in the process. That is the trickiest one, because if he/she admits, that such form of life is not important, while he/she is an android himself/herself...Well..
    • They would pay low-end salary.
    • Ones wife would be a hologram. :/
    • Ones boss would be a sexual predator.
    • Some unknown organization, would manipulate thou, in order the achieve a better good, while the other one, would try to kill you, because you help the previous one, without fully realizing that.
    Maybe, he willingly gave up, to that manipulation, because in that case, it would have been way more easy, to justify all of that killing, in short words - ,,I'm human, they're androids, they're nothing''

    My first installation of DasTrader, the very first sim, matched the date of when i saw it.

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    Suddenly this thread has gotten extremely quiet.
    Makes me think a lot of ET'er here were on the short side recently.
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    Dozu, so who's proboys were right yours or mine?
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