So I just bailed out of this market

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  1. kmiklas


    - 1 year until election
    - Fed dropping rates simply to keep market at record levels
    - T with brush in hand, about to paint the tape... waiting for the right time to send the market skyrocketing with Trade resolutions in pursuit of re-election.
    - I think he’s toying with the auto industry too. Pretty much everything.
    - prices hovering at all-time highs, without real justification.
    - Treasuries selling like hotcakes.
    - In my mind’s eye, I can see the index finger of money-hungry traders hovering over their mouse, about to click and take profits.
    - Bloomberg reporting, “Everything is fine... risk-on” O.O yikes!

    I can see the headline: DOW PLUNGES 837 POINTS, BIGGEST ONE-DAY LOSS SINCE 2009

    Will we plunge first, and then go up? Head up in the new year? Is May too late?

    You know that feeling on a roller-coaster when you’ve been ratcheted up to the top of the first peak, and are about to go hurtling down? That’s my gut feeling.

    I bounced... peace out! No idea what’s happening. Took my profits, and plan to kick back and watch the fireworks.
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  2. noddyboy


    Good idea
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  3. gaussian


    I'm about 50% bonds and 50% equities. I also have no idea what is happening, I just know selling is the wrong idea. The plan is to acquire more of my good picks after the fall, not ruin my current cost basis because im afraid.

    We're late for last year's gut wrenching fall. December still could prove very bad. Earnings are uncharacteristically ok (not great, but ok) so the market seems to be in good shape for now. Just wait for one bad earnings season and you'll get your overnight 1000 point loss.
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  4. The number of people on this thread who have become billionaires by predicting the market = 0
  5. dozu888


    OP you gonna regret it.... May thru Oct was a major consolidation... and based on what I know about my pro boys' habits, they tend to plan things out in equal time slots, which means 6 months of relentless rise coming up.... no rest until DOW 40000.
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  6. jinxu


    You can't win in the stock market unless you have been blessed by God.
    Unfortunately most traders are corrupted by Greed which is one of the deadly sins.
    God does not like sinners so he will make sure they become 95% losers.
  7. S2007S


    Glad to see someone here that isn't greedy. You have to say when is enough, enough!
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  8. kmiklas


    I think a plunge before the rise.

    Recall this event at the end of last year?

    I know that the unwashed masses tend to have short memories... but not us.
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  9. dozu888


    I have addressed this before...

    dumb money sentiment was very different with forexIG at 50/50 short long... it just happens in Oct 18 my pro boys decided it has gotten fat enough to knock down.... also it was not consolidating like May-Oct 19.

    at the moment we have forexIG at 80/20 short long... the dumb money is quite bearish at the moment, with AAII just turning neutral last week...

    very different scenario right now.
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