So i get a msn msg the other night...

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by GGSAE, Dec 15, 2006.

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    ...and it's from a guy i used to work with while i was trading full-time but still working on the side. He's a cramer follower and had a number of investments (at least the ones he told me about) work in his favor. I never cared for his advice but i at least would caution him on any potential dangers that could affect his position, market tops/bottoms, extreme vix levels, ect.

    Anyways he asks me about some company i've never heard of, SAI, apparently they just released their IPO in October. He of course bought it and was counting his profits so fast he added more about a week ago, i think in the 19 range. But for the life of him he couldn't understand why such a great investment plummetted so much on wenesday (the day he messaged me). His reason for buying...? He thought it was undervalued.

    Can you imagine? A company with a p/b of 45 and a total debt/equity over 8, undervalued. I didn't suggest whether to actually buy or sell i just told him to be very careful because it could easily selloff (especially when the employess start dumping the shares in january)...hahah to think he almost bought it on margin.

    I usually wouldn't laugh at other ppl's misfortune but he is so cocky, this is exactly what he needs to learn - while he's young and not gambling with his retirement money.

    Just though i'd share, i'm sure everyone has some tale along these lines.