So how was your performance in 2009

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  1. There are hardly any trading days left this year as most of us will be packing for holidays :) Would be interesting to know how is everyone doing this year.

    For me it was the third year as full time trader, continuing from Overall a tough year, I made three quarters of what I made in 2008. Worst phase: June-July, best phase: November-December :), most consistent: March-May . Lately I was able to rebuild strategies and looks like trading shall be more robust than ever.

    Wishing everyone happy and prosperous 2010!
  2. Absolutely shitty. Seriously.

    Although my API has just started to pick up steam again, I can't plan on it doing well for the next year.

    So, I've basically had to teach myself to trade all over again. And I plan on these tough times paying off in a big way.
  3. In trading...

    When the going gets tough, the tough gets interesting :)

    June was my biggest losing month in last three years... it came when I took some debt to buy a house. You can understand rest.

    Wish you a substantial and speedy recovery :)
  4. Best ever for me.

    If I detailed, the unprofitable detractors would come out of the cracks, with ad hominem attacks and demands of audited broker statements. Fuck them.

    I should have taken December off, though.
  5. most scalpers i know did incredibly poorly
  6. day traders always lose! the market makers paint the tape! :D

    BTW bro if you trade, even as a side profession, how was the year for you?
  7. You sound like Ed Seykota.
  8. I used the laughing smiley as there is none for mocking, nevermind.
  9. Dude, don't ever start drinking this early. It never works out.

    But I have to say, even though it was a horrible year, it was a positive one. Barely.
  10. Rimping


    My first losing calenderyear in 11 years unless a miracle happens it the last weeks.
    In the past 11 years I have had others 12 months losing periods though.
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