So how many of you idiots are still against the RESCUE package?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by stock777, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. List your names here on the Wall Of Shame

  2. dinoman


    I'll take the first line. Calling others idiots is pretty ironic coming from your mouth.
  3. In my book it's no longer known as the "Rescue package" I prefer "The Children's Wooden Arrow Tax Relief Act".

    Really, it took a man with Hank Paulson's credentials to pull this one off. Dang, I wish I was long "wooden arrows" in this market.
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    Its a Bailout.

    Not a rescue.

    Sort of like renaming the 911 Police State Act as the "Patriot Act".

    Only morons fall for that type of base propaganda.

    "Save America Act"

    No one can vote against "saving America", can they?!?


    Banks need to fail. Recessions follow booms. Law of economics. Cannot be changed. All this bailout does is prolong the eventual hurt.

  5. Leh thread

    Scroll down to stock777 regarding Lehman back in April:

    "I bet 90% of you faceless fearmongers are bankrupted long before LEH folds its tent."

    "In the meantime, lets knock off the cheerleading for firms to fail.

    You the Taliban? Or French?"

    stock, your too trustworthy of the so called free market. The only thing worse than the free market is the government interfering in the market.
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    As an American who realizes we are once again being financially raped and sent into bankruptcy oblivion, I do proudly submit my name to be placed on this idiots wall of shame.
  7. 1) I bet 90% of you WERE blown away by this market.

    2) You confuse me with some limp wristed lib. Dude, if it was up to me , I'd have a stick up wall streets ass so far it would be coming out of their nostrils.

    3) I've said many times the 'free market' mantra is a scam and an excuse for thieves to rip you a new one.

    Now, that has nothing to do with getting the ship back on some course other than into an iceberg. Time enough later to bring the guilty to justice and reign in the hedge fund SCUM. Not to mention getting 500 million back from that pimp Mozillo.

    And if the government doesn't control pure greed, then who the f$%k will? Your Grandma?


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    here here!
  9. the problem is that 'free market' didn't even exist in the first place, that is why we have this mess, it was because there was monopoly not 'free market', had it been a 100% 'free market' none of this would have happened, monopolies can only be created through rules and regulations, and thus the government and the need for a government, governments are like religion in that they make you think you can not do without it
  10. that's funny and true, if you are against 'saving america' then you are against the 'patriot act' and so you go to Guantanamo

    note my post regarding the bailout
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