So how do you shut off a whole nation’s Internet?

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  1. So how do you shut off a whole nation’s Internet?

    Natalie Wolchover
    January 30, 2011

    To silence dissidents, the Egyptian government made a move Thursday that has no precedent: It turned off the Internet nationwide. How did they do it — and could the same thing happen here?

    According to David Clark, an MIT computer scientist whose research focuses on Internet architecture and development, a government’s ability to control the Internet depends on its control of Internet Service Providers (ISPs), the private sector companies that grant Internet access to customers.

    “ISPs have direct control of the Internet, so what happens in any country depends on the control that the state has over those ISPs,” Clark told Life’s Little Mysteries in an e-mail. “Some countries regulate the ISPs much more heavily. China has in the past ‘turned off’ the Internet in various regions.”

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    Obama wants that switch just in case he decides to try a coup in 2012. But, I think he is too big of a pansie ass to try. He really wants to keep the 747 though.
  3. Just like those on the left saying W Bush was going to do the same thing and not allow elections and stay in office. Geez.
  4. Easy peasy.