so how did you end up becoming a trader?

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  1. I think you all have different stories.. some true love for the markets, and some purely coincidently.

    but in a funny way.. i think one thing you all have in common is you truly believe you were born to be a millionaire and trading is the way to do it - because you're convinced you're smarter than everyone else and can beat the market. correct? :D

    no but more seriously, how did u guys end up trading? and for others, why do you want to be a trader? there are millions of more interesting jobs out there.

    i guess:

    1. because its easy to make money (and lose it too). you dont have to move ur ass.

    2. its one of the few ways you can actually make a change in your life in just one generation - by making alot of money.

    3. you dont want to work, and want to enjoy life so you let ur trades make some money for u.

    4. you're depressed, but smart, so some bank nicked forced u to make millions for them and u dont care about money.

    5. you're addicted to gambling.

    6. you read about jesse livermore and feel you're his reincarnation.

    7. you trade, so can tell others you're a "Trader" and it makes u feel like a ferrari. (maybe even just trade 1once a year to earn the title)

    8. you trade because when you was 12 years old, you watched WALL ST. and want to be mr Gecko..

    9. you trade because its another channel for speculation and for some reason without doubt, you believe you have the gift of god to beat the market.

    10. you trade because you're too ugly to show ur face anywhere, so you trade because u can do it from home.

    11. you trade because your dad is/was a trader.

    12. you became a trader because you're jewish (no offence!)

    13. you trade because your addicted to looking at graphs and it turns u on checking all those indicators.

    14. its the only way you feel you will make your first billion.

    15. you work on open-out-cry floor and u enjoy shouting and scream and thinking you're making some very important decisions in the world..

    14. why do you trade anyway?

    the reason i highlight this is because first i wanna know what sort of people come here, and 2nd i think how you approach trading can influence how successful you are and maybe things r ment to be.. there are hell of alot of arrragont successful traders..

    have fun
  2. .... because I get to take money from people... LEGALLY! (half joking)

    I figure, why work for a paycheck if you know how to get money directly.

    How's that for short and honest :)
  3. stktrdr


    You get to sell the highs, buy the lows, take their money, bash their noses.
  4. and i assume you enjoy giving people money freely too (and legally) huh? :D ;)

    what i want to know is how did u got into. did u wake up someday and thought you're made for this? or it was ur childhood dream..

    im not a trader but ive always wanted to be one as far as i remember.. i think it all started with when I watched Wall St. :D
  5. My dad funded my account in college, and he told me to investigate it further so that he can do it full time when he retired.

    I was a Biomedical Engineering major till then..
  6. LOL, yea I guess I give my money to people (legally) at times.

    If you think about it, the market is a lifelong employer. It has, and will be, around for as long as civilization exists. Whoever wants to work can.. literally. It's up to you not to get "layed off."

    I think that's when it finally hit me.
  7. in the market there is no one to please

    there is no right nor wrong

    i can trade if and when i want, from pretty much anywhere

    i dont pay tax

    whats the other 'jobs' you were thinking about pal?
  8. You're kidding yourself if your responce wasn't humor.

    I am assuming its humor.
  9. So when are you going to come up with a story for your dad?
  10. I went to school for Mechanical Engineering but always loved the markets. I learned to count cards (blackjack) and was barred from a casino. During one of my engineering internships there was a guy who was beginning to trade from home. One way or another my blackjack came up. He showed me a little about the trading since it was similar to what I was doing. That is: calculated risk. I immediately saw that is what I want to do in life. That internship solidified even more that I didn't want to do engineering. I finished my degree for the sake of finishing it and started looking for jobs. I finally got one through I now trade futures on the 30 yr. bond.:D
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