So how are those put selling programs working out?

Discussion in 'Options' started by stock777, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. I notice very little comment on the wonderful easy money that must have been made
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    Or what about those guys selling covered calls as a hedge.. or for "income"? How are they doing this month?
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    Im so glad I never jumped on the Iron condor bandwagon.
  4. Yes, those funds do a "reset" just about every 2-3 years. Of course, that never stops the stampede into these funds that always think "this time is different" or the "Fed will never allow the equity markets to drop".

    Time always has a way of creating such unfounded complacency.
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    What a wonderful euphemism :)
  6. heech


    I run a vol arb commodity pool which is short vola. I'm (very slightly) up for the month.

    Not all option sellers are the same.
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    Iron Condor = Tarred and Feathered
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    The easy money was made by those on the other side of those trades :)
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    With the early part of this year being fairly stagnant, I did a lot of backtesting on Iron Condors. I too just couldn't pull that trigger and I'm glad I just waited for the beeg show to resume :)
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    If they were smart they got out of the market last week. I don't do Iron Condors but I did have one iron butterfly on IBM that I took a 3% loss on and double calendar positions on SPX and MCD that I exited last week. I had a bearish directional bias already in place on them but was nervous with the current market so I got out with 6% and 9.4% gain on them. Luckily I left my long puts in place on the SPX and covered them at the close today. So now I am flat. All the percentages were ROI not my entire account balance.
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