So Goldman Walks Away....Thanks for the AIG Money ....Guys

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  1. The whole thing disgusts me. God damned criminals.
  2. Of course.

    Bailing out AIG was your government's way of making sure your tax dollars went to a needy cause: So Goldman, JP Morgan, SAC Capital, Morgan Stanley & others could collect fat profits on all those CDSs AIG had sold.

    Thanks, suckers!
  3. .....................................................

    Without a doubt....

    This is "In your face FASCISM"....
  4. "Globalist (wealth transfer) Games 2009" continues!!!! :eek:

    Don't you just love the "financial grid" takeover!!! :eek:
  5. ipatent


    Haven't seen this pointed out in the mainstream media, either. Only on message boards and the blogosphere.
  6. Corporate welfare run amok

    With these bastards at the brink of extinction, markets had returned to some level of normalcy. Especially food items and energy.

    Now these bastards are using taxpayer Trillions to goose up all these basic living essential markets. Stealing from the average taxpayer and then taxing him again by running up prices on basic necessities by sheer speculation.

    If I knew I could get away with it, I'd walk in and hang each and every one of them with their expensive taxpayer funded ties. Same goes for their apologists on here.

  7. This is the marriage of strong government and business. Those who want more government intervention will get exactly more of this - only worse.

    We now have "national champions" to suck off the productive just like France. Congratulations to all who think government can solve your problems. You got what you asked for and you got it good and hard.
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