So Frustrating!!!

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  1. JC198


    The bears get what they expect and have traded on (recessionary job
    #s) which confirm the negative economic environment, and to ease the
    natural blow, the FED comes out and decides to throw more money in the
    system. Sometimes it feels like you can't win! I do realize this is
    a temporary rally, but still, we should be testing 11,900 with today's
    data, not be kept afloat with the Fed's misguided policy.
  2. With this kind of attitude you will never be successful! Do not expect anything from the markets; if you do you will be always wrong! Who said that your expectations are objective? Trading markets is not about prediction, anticipation, guessing etc. it is all about your reaction to what is happening in real time. So, learn or fail!
  3. Welcome to the free market. It ain't ever what you expect.
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    I agree, I am short too and bummed. But the good news is like you said it should be temporary, not even sure the fed has enough cash to prop it for long at this point.
  5. No problem; we have BOJ who will keep FED afloat; BOJ will bail out any banks with cheaper YEN.:D
  6. Ah, so the markets have to do what YOU expect? I wish it were that easy.
  7. JC198


    Well, without the unnatural market conditions stepping in, they would be doing just that.

    I'm not lamenting the fact that I can't always predict the markets.

    I'm lamenting the fact that sometimes, the FED for instance, doesn't let the market naturally play out.

    And yes, I do realize this happens a lot. But I was just venting and hoping to get some other 'venters.':)
  8. Free market???

    The government hasn't allowed our markets to be "free" since October 1987.

    Any meaningful down move in equities is immediately met with masive rate cuts, liquidity injections, the "working group on financial markets" (AKA- Plunge Protection Team), rebate checks, etc, etc, etc....

    Our markets are anything but free.
  9. Ha ha. You are pretty funny. Our markets are as free as it gets. If you think it is rigged or controlled then go try and trade in Russia or Asia and see if you do any better. I'm no fan of the Fed but policy actions and govt intervention (esp during an election year) are a part of the game.
  10. So true, I always get a laugh when I hear that.
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