So few posts here. Ya'll must be on vacation

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by stock777, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. or tending to injuries
  2. From my discussion with a lot of traders in the online chat rooms...

    Many are sidelined studying and learning about this high volatility price action because its new to them (there's some fear).

    One guy said he has not taken a trade ever since the VIX spiked up.

    I guess that's late July.

  3. or just busy trading as we are not buy and hope investors :).
  4. Way too busy counting my money LOL Cha Ching!!! I hope the market stays like this forever so I can retire soon
  5. rdm239


    i trade about 2.5x more than I did two months ago.
  6. djxput


    Just starting up again; waiting for the check to clear at my brokerage.