So FDR attacked the Japanese first without warning

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  1. T2GR8T


    Secretly supplied American planes and American pilots to the Chinese in their war against Japan with the express orders to destroy as many Japanese planes as possible right up until Pearl harbour..

    So basically America attacked Japan without declaring war

    A day that will live in infamy my ass!

    History is written by the victors
  2. aegis


    Nothing new here. War is big business. WWI was an even bigger scam than WWII.

    A British financier was responsible for storing 4.2 million rounds of ammunition and 1250 lbs of grenade shrapnel on board the Lusitania. The information was leaked to the Germans which gave them reason to torpedo the ship. All the American HS history books state that this is reason why the US entered the war.
  3. Looks like they missed a few.