So Elizabeth Warren is actually Indian

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  1. So she never lied and it did not help her get any of the teaching jobs she had. She has made it by being a smart hard worker.

    But righties hate smart women. Especially Trumpers. They tend to smack back when grabbed.

    Plus all of her ideas and policy stances are correct.
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  3. WeToddDid2


    Wow! She should give up now. That was the worst political video I have ever seen. She has no hope of winning.
  4. TJustice


    You have as much proof she is an American Indian which is what (Native American means in the US) as you have peer reviewed science showing man made co2 is causing warming.

    You are misrepresenting facts again.

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  5. Wallet


    She's from Oklahoma. So please tell me what Tribal Citizenship she belongs to. About half of the Tribal Memberships require anywhere from 1/4 to 1/8 Native Blood, those that have no degree, require that person to be a direct descendant of an enrolled tribal member.

    So please tell us more about her Amercian Indian heritage.
  6. Snarkhund


    Elizabeth Warren is finished before ever getting started.

    It is clear she appropriated a culture she does not belong to in order to advance her education and career. Its theft and pure dishonesty and nobody is going to vote to nominate her.
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  7. Well Liz, isn't anyone mocking actual Indians, we're mocking you. You brought this on yourself Liz, it's yours to own, and so long as you keep on pushing this narrative it just serves as a reminder of how completely full of shit you are. Sorry kiddo, you used to have it together and then you went full radical lefty, and everyone knows going full radical lefty just makes one a joke, never to be taken seriously about anything.
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  8. Here4money


    wow, wasn't aware she claimed tribal citizenship. And here I thought she had claimed native American ancestry, which her DNA results proved.

    Some people in America have the weirdest boner over racial makeup.
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  9. Tom B

    Tom B

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  10. TJustice


    no her dna did not prove she was Native American per the US understanding of those words.

    She had south american DNA and about as any european rooted American.

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