So easy making money in stock market

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  1. if you buy nasdaq trending stocks during a partial gap down

    Today nasdaq gapped down 1% and now went 1% lower today fopr a total peak decline of about 2%.

    But look at it surge towards the end of trading day. Thats is no random fluke. If was cause by partial gapping.

    Nasdaq only down 1.4% versus 1.9% a few hours ago. A whole .50 percent added as if it were nothin in just a 20 minute time frame.

    When ever the nasdaq breaks out intraday it breaks out in two phases. A big surge of buying..of .3% fomr a base and then a pause of 2-5 minutes. Then it goes up another .2-.4% making you VERY easy money if you buy nasdaq trending stocks like GOOG and AAPL and TIE. Etc. This pattern works most of the itme.

    Anyway, tommorow there will be massive buying. Nasdaq surges 2% easily..maybe more.

    The korea mistle testing scrare is over and the fed is done for now and all is OK.

    Good time to buy the dips. MOst my stocks that I rocommneded are only down maybe 1-3 percent on what is a bad day.
  2. TIE isn't a Nasdaq stock.
  3. Money grows on trees.

    Everybody can get rich.

    This time it's different.
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    Unbelievable!!...I think the above quote says it all.. WTF!!!....LMAO
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    you are in for a very serious day of reckoning my friend.

    with an attidude like that, ill bet you are broke by the end of the year. Ill also bet tomorrow is a down day on all major indices.

    Glad you can predict the future with the korean missle crisis being over in 24 hours..

    If i were to offer unsolicited advice...which i am about to do...I would say:

    1. stay humble...being brash does not help in this game, it only hurts.

    2. you cant predict the is best you dont try.

    3. if it is so easy, open a fund and charge 20% will be "easy".
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    Is that a haiku?
  7. Hey, keep buying. Its never a loss until you CLOSE out the position. The more you double down the more you can make!!!!

  8. Mr. Market?
  9. I was joking.

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