So did Quadriga's website get shutdown by the SEC?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Corso482, Dec 6, 2005.


    All of a sudden it says the website is for customers only. I wonder if this is because the SEC said they were advertising to non accredited investors. I always wondered how they could have an open webiste like that in the first place. Most places with sophisticated investor requirements make you prove it before you can even look at their info. :confused:
  2. Oh, and I put 14K into the B series a few months ago. My gut tells me it's about to take off. :)
  3. Ebo


    It made a little bounce to 1500 and change as of last week.

    Maybe Baja and his butt boys ran out of PR funds with those arrogant commercials on CNBC!
  4. balda


    does B stands for bend over?
  5. Yes.:cool:
  6. They had commercials on CNBC? I seriously do not understand how they simulatneously have accredited investor requirements, yet they seem to advertise blatantly to joe six pack.
  7. Ebo