So can someone solve this puzzle

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    I wanna give you some information so you can tell me what is happening next.

    1 S Korean warship sinks
    2 S Korean warship is lifted from the water in two halves
    3 A preliminary investigation suggests that the warship was blown in half by a stand-off explosive charge. perhaps a mine or a torpedo.
    3 A group of "experts" are assembled to determine the cause of (1)
    4 The group includes US, UK Sweden and Aussie but excludes major players Russia, China, France who design, build and play with mines and torpedos. Perhaps the Aussies brought the lunch and the beers.
    5 The "Experts" find pieces of a torpedo complete with markings that are consistent with a torpedo listed in N Korea's export catalog.

    OK, so far so good

    Now how do we establish who fired the torpedo and why.

    Could it be an interested party who is
    a) dumb enough to leave the markings in place
    b) cunning enough to leave the markings in place

    So can someone solve this puzzle
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    This is certainly not an easy puzzle to solve
  3. I don't care.

  4. Sure.
    Some of Kim Jong I'lls (otherwise known as dear leader) generals had a brain fart, and were somewhat proactive in defense of dear leader.

    The man is old, and who knows, maybe after the last 15 years, he thinks he is an asian castro, taking a last stand.

    Not that Castro, or Raul needed to , democracy and capitalism will march on, but-

    Point being, the cia admitted to the making of the gulf of tonkin incident, so who knows really.

    Peice it together yourselves, it's not rocket science.
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    So you think that this is a precursor to a preplanned action.
    A sense of deja-vu is in the air
  6. I think you'll find your answer in this article ->

    It says that the UN food shipments to N. Korea will run out at the end of next month. China is in the middle of a drought - bad crop yields. I think the N. Koreans know they are going to need to cause a huge stink on the world stage to get some food.

    Just my $0.02.

  7. Like we are really going to attack them anyway. They could bomb SK and we probably wouldnt do anything except write a letter telling them how angry we are at them.