So. Cal -- Powerful trading/poker computer with three 20.1" monitors -- $1500

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    I am a trader and I'm trying to sell my system because I am moving across the country and it would be just too much of a hassle to take it with me. Here is what this computer is:

    3 20.1" Samsung SyncMaster 204b Monitors mounted together (I have individual stands if you want them instead)

    2 Video Cards (SLI Ready, although I am not using it right now):
    NVIDIA GEforce 7600 GT
    NVIDIA GEforce 7300 GS

    Total of 4 monitors supported.

    AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+
    2 Gigs of RAM
    ASUS A8N21-SLI Deluxe Heat Pipe dissipation motherboard
    2 80GB Western Digital HDs
    Coolermaster 600W NoiseTaker II Power Supply (SLI Ready)
    Realtek AC97 onboard audio
    Onboard Marvell Yukon NIC
    Avermedia 350 UltraTV TV tuner card
    Floppy Drive

    I also have a Belkin F6C1200-UNV Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) with 1200 VA. It runs at 40% load with all 3 monitors and the computer connected to it. I will sell it for an additional $60.

    I bought the monitors for $1200 and the computer for $1000 last summer. The mounting kit was also an additional $150.

    $1500. I live in San Diego.
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  3. How does it deal and cut the cards?

    Can it serve alcoholic beverages?

    What kind of chips does it dispense?

    How does it verify credit worthiness?

    Will it break my legs if I lose and cannot pay my marker?

    Does it have a name, like Paully, Sal, or Tony?

    I really love watching these automated devices. Can believe there is a poker playing computer...Does it smoke cigarettes or cigars? Does it wear green eye shades?

    Looking forward to your responses

  4. online poker players playing 12 hands at a time...

    i assume would use 2-3 monitors
  5. Did it sell for 1500?