So Bush walks into a bar...

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  1. Actually, a restaurant. But it's funny nonetheless.
    “Sorry to interrupt you,” Bush said to a group of women, who were sitting in a booth with their young kids. “How’s the service?” As Bush signed a few autographs and shook hands, a man sitting at the counter lit a cigarette and asked for more coffee. Another woman, eyeing Bush and his entourage, sighed heavily and went back to her paper. She was reading the obituaries. “Sorry to interrupt your breakfast,” a White House aide told her. “No problem,” she huffed, in a not-so-friendly way. “Life goes on, I guess.”

    I guess he's finding out his 30% approval rating firsthand.
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    "So that was 2 orange juices, a coffee, and 21 thousand troops?"
  3. "and also 3/4 of the staff at this and probably nearly every restraurant are in this country illegally, and so you and the rest of the middle class have to pay for all their social services and entitlements, as well as health care, education and prison costs, and be the victims of their crimes, and I am not going to do anything about it, except take my orders from Mexico . . ."