So...Atheists....are you going to celebrate Christmas this year?

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  1. I gotta wonder if Vhehn and Mist and all those others are going to be giving presents this year for Christmas. Or I wonder if they do it every year. I would be kind of weird if they did, dont you think?

    I mean...if I was like Vhehn and believed that Christianity was really destructive like he does, thats sort of the equivilent of a going to the birthday party of a guy that killed your cousin or uncle or something, just because you hope to get a new ipod or something like that.

    So, do you atheists celebrate Christmas?
  2. i have to boost walfart stock.. they expect that of me :confused:

    i 've drowned by irrational theists
  3. So, i guess we can expect to see you in Church this sunday too then? Please dont forget to give your tithes and offerings since we have irrationally drowned you with our religion. :)
  4. Well that's what happens when infants jump in the kiddie pool without their inflatable swimmies or adult supervision.
  5. We are all atheists about most of the gods that societies have ever believed in. Some of us just go one god further. – Richard Dawkins

    true, or untrue?
  6. Limited perspective of infinity.

    Dawkins really goes out of his way to prove he's a moron and it does not reflect kindly on his followers.

    Maybe he should grasp childrens tales before he spouts off as town idiot:
  7. Untrue. Dawkins obviously doesnt know what the definition of the word atheist means.

    I could come up with something just as asinine.

    "We are all doctors, just some of us never went to medical school"


    "We are all women, just half of us were born with penises"

    Pretty idiotic isnt it? I had to lower my IQ a couple points just to come up with something as stupid as dawkins does.
  8. The Christmas season has its roots in the Winter Soltice - an event celebrated for millenia by different people using different religions and gods.

    Personally - I am thrilled that soon each day will be growing by a minute. I think I have that seasonal attentive disorder when it starts getting dark early - I pig out on carbs this time of year.... pasta, pizza, etc... lack of sunshine I guess.

    But anyway. Any reason to see family and friends and enjoy good company and good food is a good thing. The presents have nothing to do with Christmas - I think it's a stupid materialistic practice that denigrates the Soltice holidays.

    And who can argue with Peace on Earth and goodwill to men?

    Merry Christmas Peil!

    I mean that.
  9. no i dont "celebrate" christmas. freethinkers use their mind about these things. by the use of scientific inquiry we know the truth about christmas. first we know that jesus was not born in december. second we know that christmas has its roots in a pagan winter celebration. third we know that the whole virgin birth thing was a myth. fourth we know that it would be impossible for anyone to follow a star to any point on earth. knowing all these things makes it kind of childish to "celebrate" christmas dont you think?
    knowing the truth about christmas allows us to see it for what it really is. a commercial bonanza for retailers and a time of guilt for parents who can not afford the expensive gifts children expect because of relentless tv advertising.
  10. i think your examples suffer 'false analogy'. do you or do you not eschew all other gods for one? answer the question.
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