so are there any good brokers

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  1. every review of forex brokers that i read has them rated like 20% positive and 80% negative. is there any decent and reliable broker out there? I really need some suggestions for a broker I can do so some mini lots trading with. Thanks guys.
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    You could trade futures on the CME. They are centrally cleared and this eliminates a lot of potential issues (e.g., your broker going bankrupt and refusing to honor their side of OTC commitments). It also gives you transparency, and a competitive bid/ask. Of course, you've also got to think a little more as these are futures with a definite expiration date and some interest rate issues. I'd think the latter should be easy for anyone who's competent in trading fx, anyway.
  3. FX Sol, though their main disadvantage is that their spreads tend to be wider than most other forex brokers:
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    Last I heard FXsol charged interest regardless of what side you take whenever you used leverage over 50:1. Something definately to think of when you take a trade and hold overnight.
  5. yeah, like some of these guys are saying, the more $$, the better 'prime' broker you will encounter for sure. Much less reputable brokers since the vast majority are retails blokes and don't know any better and trade smaller.