So anyone following Jim Rogers' advice and buying C?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by bond tr4der, Nov 20, 2008.

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  2. I bot C.... at 18... when it was at its low in March of 08


    the world is ending
  3. I got some in the low 5's. I'm tempted to do more but this thing looks like it wants to go sub 5... so i'm not adding anymore.
  4. Just crossed under 5
  5. =================
    Prince Al bought some premarket[didn't know he was a MR. Rogers follower ];
    since than its down again to $5.01-$5.02

    If they couldnt push it up any more than that in premarket;
    may go down a bit more.Not a prediction:cool:

    Some shorts may buy to close, peradventure later in week;
    that is those that like good limit fills.
  6. I just want to buy 1000 shares and put it away for 10 years but it looks pretty bad.
  7. you gotta wonder though if he has changed his mind since then. He said to buy at 5 a long time ago. His new buy target might be 50 cents now. I actually owned C at 30ish. Sold it when it dropped to 28. That could've been a painful ride down.
  8. Yeah I hear you. I'm looking at it as either a nice return in a few years or a total loss for the entire position. That way I can sleep at night.
  9. My guess is that C will be nationalized this weekend.

    No position.
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