So after WB, is it done?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Renegen, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. I can't remember another name that was flying around for a long time, is the flood of bankruptcies done from the big financials?

    The market has also had a nice week, much more stable. Are we going up?
  2. national city...

    100s of regional banks.
  3. I have no doubt the small banks will be next, but how many will it be? Will it be like the depression?

    If it's minor, the market can slowly recover anyway.

  4. Market is going up on very little volume this week. Should be very carefull.
  5. We will be done when JP Morgan goes down.
  6. Have you always been an optimist?
  7. lol.

    Who goes down first... GE, or JPM?
  8. JPM ? GE? Ur all nutz. Never happen.
  9. JPM has, by far, the highest exposure to derivatives. If these derivatives unwind, JPM is done. If JPM is done, the entire system is done. Period.
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