So a Bloomberg Terminal is $1,500 per month. Why?

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  1. What does it give you that a normal computer setup doesn't?

    You get two or four monitors, which is cool.

    And a weird-looking keyboard that looks like it has speakers on the sides:


    How is that different from what you and I can do for much less than $1,500 per month? In fact, I pay $0 per month of my realtime data and charting, and my computer and monitors were less than $1,000 total.
  2. It makes you look like a player. That's worth more than $1500. :D
  3. Wall Street only deals with big money, buy or sell.
    One borkerage firm hired a moving company to move their offices to a building across street, one cubicle is $10,000. in 2001 money.
  4. Erm, it ain't about the keyboard...
  5. Or the monitors.

    It's about the data & information.

    I'm actually surprised at the thread starting topic & the subsequent replies.
  6. Fucking idiots. Go back to teaching, or sitting in a cube.
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    bloomberg anywhere doesn't necessarily even come with a keyboard or monitors, i just got the biometric device for logging in

    it's about the data and functionality provided. also it's not meant for retail where that kind of price point is untenable. it's meant for institutional clientele where the cost while not insignificant isn't really that high.
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    This has been discussed numerous times: A Bloomberg terminal is about news, calculations, access to analytics, not hardware.
  9. What info does it provide that we cannot get ourselves?
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