so a 50 point "rally" in a 400 point decline is

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  1. what in percentages? a 12.5 percent rebound?
    reading the morons in the news and TV - it sounded the market has gained 800 points - Barneke spoke and he "calmed" the markets? What? So they were so calm that decided to wait this one out? Indeed the market did not go further down but it is only Wednesday and the week-end is coming......
  2. A 50 point "rally" in a 400 point decline is called...

    SHORT SQUEEZE!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Is called 'a dead cat bounce'?
    What do I win now?
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    "However, with the Shanghai Composite Index closing down 84pts (3.00%) at
    2797.19, the markets remain wary about further stock market losses.
    Markets are also seen remaining wary of historical patterns -- notably,
    1987, 1997 and 2007. This behavioural pattern shows that stock markets
    don't like the years with a 7 in it. The 1987 crash, known as Black
    Monday, was the second largest one-day percentage decline, and the 1997
    mini-crash was the third biggest points loss or 12th biggest percentage
    loss in its 110-year history. Will 2007 be the fourth biggest points

    History also shows that the 1987 crash was the climactic culmination of
    a market decline that had begun five days before on October 14th. The
    DJIA fell 3.81% on Thursday, October 14, followed by another 4.60% drop
    on Friday October 15th, and then losing 22.6% on Black Monday. Also
    uncanny is that analysts were then very quick to point out at the time
    was that these crashes were a "correction" to the overheated markets,
    which were then trading at record highs."

    I'm not calling it but thought it was interesting
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    where can one find charts for foriegn mrkts?
  6. Who cares. This volatility is awesome. Buckets of money falling from the sky :D
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  8. damright .........:p