So, 2011 almost over, how did you do?

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  1. I am up 17% for now. Was up 30% at the peak.

    My biggest position is physical gold which is up nicely in Euro's and my mining stocks did ok although they did gave up a lot of their gains these last months.

    All in all I'm ok with my performance this year. Could have been a lot better if I took some profit or made some other decisions but you can't live of regrets can you...
  2. Down 20%

  3. d08


    Up 96%
  4. Up around 33%.

    From peak to valley it was 110% to -20%

    I've been trading since June and testing different methods to see which work best.
  5. Down 8%. Was up 10% then got killed in the Aug dump.

    Was too levered. Maybe some day I'll learn? Nah...
  6. Was up 15%, but gave back all gains and now I am flat. I hope that this time the lesson (don't fight the market) was learned. In this biz flat is OK because you can keep trading. Good Luck to all.
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    +28%. Clients are happy.
  8. N54_Fan


    Up about 48% now. Was up 52% and now down a bit after the month of chop and gap open days. I feel like I am in good shape to HOPEFULLY add to this and maybe make an even 60% by year end.
  9. Well crap any tips on how to learn from any of you super traders?

  10. Lucias


    My signals would have generated this year as tracked by C2 -- net of system fees and commissions (assuming a discount broker) as of today:

    47.9% Systematic (Assuming starting 7k-10k account)
    55.3% Discretionary (Current 90kish account)

    This could change quite a bit though for the WORSE or BETTER though given the volatility and the high goals I've set for myself. I've had quite a few order entry problems lately, some due to my fault but many due to C2. Some benefit me.. some cost me. I didn't trade any in August on my discretionary account because I was trying for a prop firm but it would have been a banner month based on my predictions adding anywhere from 5% to 18% to my performance.

    I'd like to start hitting double digits on most months which I think is possible.. if I can hit my stride. I just got really watch those losses because I've increased my leverage in my discretionary trading.

    This month has been rough.. I was down 8% but have recovered. I've made it clear in my signal service that to follow me is a higher risk then what my record shows because I'm pushing myself to do bigger returns.

    Anyway.. I just keep focusing on the process and I'm sure that I will hit my stride again. Hitting my stride means making 18% to 20%+ in a month for me..
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