Snuskpelle's (kind of) Intraday Adventures 2019

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  1. Note to self: Don't attempt to start algo on acc with existing stop loss orders open or it will crash due to platform limitations. Missed NQ now, checking back in 1-2 hours to see if I can get a better price.
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  2. NQ price back below to where I would've entered. Still not super comfortable about entering, and in wider perspective market looks like flat/parabolic top (either that, or the ceiling will be blasted through by some great news). Seems safer to wait for a signal than making assumptions.
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  3. Closed USD/TRY for -120, the interest rate differential was killing me and I certainly should have calculated that before making a position... At least I learned something. (Maybe)

    On NQ it's dumb to be out, but looking for better entry. At least have some ES on other algo.
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  4. Umm yeah this is why price alerts are nice. Missed NQ dip. AFK tomorrow so might as well stay out until end of week then.
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  5. Nah price back to my preferred entry. Just hit start button on algo. Could dip 0.5-1% from here but who knows, weighted that against further missing out on beta. Still two weeks remaining in July.
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  6. Market in bad mood cuz Netflix (trash company) and hawkish voter being hawkish, buying some more tomorrow. 300 MFE, 800 MAE (currently at). Account NAV 41750$ (7000 + 9400 EUR deposited past two weeks).
    #606     Jul 17, 2019
  7. Buy US2000USD x 24 @ 1547.88 stop 1543.68
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  8. Buy NAS100USD x 6 @ 7816.6 stop 7796

    Curiously, Russell pos is still in play. Either way, adding this one also as an audio reminder when it's time to turn algo off. Given this is often the lowpoint of day it feels nice adding here discretionary.
    #608     Jul 18, 2019
  9. Wild day, MAE -1500 this morning, now back to -700 (please forgive me rounding, I can't be arsed to calculate with more than one sig fig).
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  10. Closing small NQ pos above for +200$ in the interest of position size management. Already fairly decently levered up.
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