Snuskpelle's (kind of) Intraday Adventures 2019

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  1. Closed US equity positions almost immediately after midnight CET, want to reduce exposure ahead of China data (which I cannot be online to trade :(, at girlfriend's mini apartment). Gapped down after weekend so not worth the interest and more importantly risk in this case.

    Leaving silver open as a slight hedge in case things go south on China A50 position (currently 320 EUR in profit). Moving stop on China A50 to 11018 to lock in some profit (not protecting against gap, obviously).

    NAV 19241
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  2. maxinger


    your China A50 is moving in your favor.
    Seems like your A50 is in Eur, not USD.

    Are you trading futures or CFD?
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  3. CFD. Nope got stopped at 11018 (bid price spiked down to 11014 supposedly). NAV 19051... Classical case of tight stoploss reducing profit, but in this case it was acceptable.

    Yeah, seems the prices are requoted as EUR. (Which makes sense given it's a EUR-account, although it's a bit problematic for round number purposes). API symbol does seem to be CH50USD implying index is bought with USD.
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  4. Re-entering longs tonight, not so impressive German data in morning and at any rate I would expect some profit taking after Friday.
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  5. Buy DE30EUR x 6 @ 11142 stop 11126

    Small intraday pos (100 EUR risk) in case market goes up from here, quite tight stop. Entering big positions after midnight.

    Edit: Oh yeah, silver positions stopped earlier so I'm out of those. NAV sailing slightly above 19000 atm.
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  6. Closed DE30 early at 11133 at -60 EUR loss, trade not developing as desired.

    Edit: Bad call... if stoploss would have been wider. ;) Tight stoplosses like these require being right about the reflection point.
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  7. Ended up not going long yet (too tired to make a call and hesitating) which seems good in retrospect. Might do this evening, depends on what kind of behavior observed from market in response to trade talk cancellation. NAV 18951
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  8. Buy US2000USD x 27 @ 1453 stop 1448
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  9. Move stop to 1454 so I can go AFK with no risk, girlfriend home time for dinner.

    Edit: To 1455 I'm greedy.

    Edit 2: Stop hit... NAV 18995
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  10. Buy US2000 x 14 @ 1451.84 stop 1449.5
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