Snuskpelle's (kind of) Intraday Adventures 2019

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  1. Yeah, DAX30, closed with loss very quickly. Using the internal API symbols when I can remember them as they're easier to type than "Germany 30".
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  2. Today was a crap day, and overslept US session, NAV at 17862. Had a fantastic last week until Friday when I blew it on job report trading (see rant in "Make your predictions for 2019" thread that made me start this journal). Will see if I can repeat said week without dumb shit. Primarily back on Wednesday but might be placing some longer period trades after midnight. A bit afraid of trading despite non-ideal conditions simply to have something to show for journal, trading "for the heck of it" is among the worst kinds of trades, and I need to be very careful about this. I did not really have a good reason for UK100 long trade this morning.
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  3. Sell BCOUSD x -400 @ 57.26 stop 57.52

    Response to previously set up price alert to target mean reversion, immediate loss 90 EUR due to stop touched by price, too tight. Note to self don't jump from programming to trading w/o more context... Would have been nicely in profit if not stopped.
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  4. Sell USD/JPY x -50 000 @ 108.69 stop 109.68

    Looking for momentum down to continue, been waiting for a good re-entry point. Obviously not an intraday position.
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  5. Checking stats for trades last 7 days, trades above 1 h in length > 1450 EUR profit, trades below 1 h in length < -1400 EUR loss, also consistent with stats for longer periods. IOW highly indicating I should stay the F away from too short time frames, of course that's at odds with intent of this account to try to push myself towards shorter term.
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  6. Sell DE30EUR x -5 @ 10880 stop 10879

    Either time for long term trend continuation or mid term mean reversion. Let's just say I don't think job report last Friday is a sign things are going to get better from here.

    NAV 17779, NATGAS and USD/JPY positions going nowhere yet.

    Edit: Entry may be ill-timed today though with too tight stop, but we'll see.
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  7. Eh wtf stop is 10957, not lower than entry price... Will probably be hit, but leaving trade on. Room for downside surprises and will be ready to short again. Exuberance over trade deal can be a steamroller though so might have to take long after US open

    Edit: And there went the stop. Had a bit luck on entry with this trade considering that a few minutes later half of my stop distance had been eaten up (news on trade deal talks IIRC)
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  8. Equity markets declining on open,not taking any longs but holding off with new short until midnight or tomorrow as I need to do other stuff than watching monitor for trade rallies and . USD/JPY short starting to move nicely ever so slowly.

    Edit: DAX trade would have been back to entry if not stopped, sigh. Still too greedy on stoplosses.
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  9. Closed USD/JPY at 108.09 since I am not sure it can pass 108 without bouncing a bit. Today will be another loss day due to aforementioned stop loss/"luck", but this trade dampened it a bit. NAV 17650
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  10. Short USD/JPY x -25 000 @ 108.18 stop 108.55

    Don't want to get left out if this pushes down further before I can react, adding more tomorrow and if going below 108.
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