Snuskpelle's (kind of) Intraday Adventures 2019

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  1. Rules/aims: Add 0.5% of tiny account size (18000 EUR) per market day except Tuesdays when I'm required to be in elsewhere or whenever my girlfriend breaks my monitor time (she is more random than the market). Actually aiming at 1% on good days because I know there will be long streaks of time without any market movement that I can understand, even so 0.5% is very ambitious as you well know... Max trade risk 400 EUR at start, will scale up eventually. Trading CFDs of index futures/forex/commodities. Aiming to hold positions as a few hours, will hold some longer positions as well on same account (because why not increase Sharpe). Posting trades after opening/closing so replication will be impossible, you might as well assume I'm sim trading or hindsight trading. Always have at least one reason why the trade should be better than random entry. Price action is cute but algos are really good at it and I can't compete.

    Coming from a background of holding positions for days/weeks/months, have never tried "proper" intraday for any extended duration of time. This will be my attempt at that since market conditions are favorable for now. I am a master of keeping my account flat on short holding periods by doing stupid shit, I should add, a habit which I will need to break to follow the rules/aims set out. People are free to tell me I suck (because I know it) but please don't contaminate my market opinion. If I think it negatively affects my performance I will simply end writing, the idea is to be a bonus to discipline.

    This is not investment advice and you're an idiot if you treat it like that. >80% of CFD traders are losers. I am attracted by difficult things.
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  2. Trade remaining open from last week: buy NATGASUSD x 1050 @ 3.00, stop 2.57
    Purely speculative minor position on seasonality and mean reversion opportunity (came down hard from October-November highs). Intended to be held weeks if necessary but I tend to be quite quick in closing profits if I feel there's a situation where I would reverse the position.

    Account NAV 18036, -180 realized profit (account reused from algo test and then trading last week)
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  3. ASX200AUD x 6 @ 5682.9

    Risk of mean reversion but taking this to ride on positive sentiment today.

    Edit: Stop 5619
  4. Closes ASX200 x -6 @ 5688

    Started moving quickly in wrong direction so closed for minor profit.

    Edit: In hindsight it probably will look stupid, but anyway.
  5. Buy JP225JPY x 5 @ 20191, stop 20117. Paid a lot for spread = misscaled position.. ugh
  6. Accidentally shorted NAS by -2 units (thank you interface) when I tried to downscale JP225 position, lost 10 EUr.

    Closed JP225 at 20224 because misclicking is a sign I should go to bed. German data 8 am in morning, 1 am here.

    NAV 18055. NATGAS pos went down over weekend but that's fine. Met rule target ignoring NATGAS but should try to hit +1% at least later in day besides compensating for NATGAS slip.
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  7. Buy DE30EUR x 5 @ 10839
  8. Close at 10828, bleh. At least NATGAS back to entry, NAV 18035

    Edit: Shouldn't try to report trades here too quickly, loss probably larger than needed due to writing this post.
  9. Lost 130 EUR on UK100 trade at open. Stopping for this morning, conditions not ideal due to sleep issues and GF blasting music in headphones next to me (presumably to drown out my squawk). Back at 16.00 US data.
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  10. maxinger


    Is that DAX?
    Few minutes after opening, DAX has been going down.
    perhaps it also dragged NQ, ES (and subsequently Hangseng ) down too.

    I see that you already closed that position.
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