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  1. SnP500Trader says he was not going to trade today on Fed day. I bet he says he ended up taking a couple of trades on his video tonight. And as usual they were winners.
  2. What happened
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    And of course he wont have the video of the real time trades. at least steve gomez has the guts to put himself out there and show when he is taking a beating, he is definetly legit
  5. url of Steve Gomez ?
  6. I noticed he always says..."today was another GREAT trading day".

    I'm 99% sure the guy doesn't even trade!

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    snp500trader is god

    although today his levels didn't work as well as normal.

    giving free support/resistance levels a day before that are proven to work the day after is a very good thing
  8. LOL, maybe he's talking about everyone else ... LOL some more.

    Holy Grail for sale, get'em while their hot, just $299!

    :D :p :)
  9. Here are some new initials for you:

    uh duh
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