SNP500 Trader Robert Hoffman at NYC Trader Expo

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Optional, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. Did anyone meet this jinky at the NYC Trader Expo?
    Snake Oil or the Real Deal?
  2. I've known Rob for over a year - - -but could not make it to the expo this trip tho.

    He is absolutely the Real deal.

    For those looking for a guru to tell them when to buy or sell - look elsewhere.

    For those looking to learn when to buy or sell - you've found what you have been seeking!!!!!!!!

    With Rob, you will either consistently profit form what he teaches, or you can learn to lose less - - it's up to you - - - either way, you come out ahead.

    In my 11 years in the markets, he is absolutely the best I have ever come across and has made me a lot of money from his lessons!

  3. Fletch


    I think he has some great setups and a willingness to help people. There are a ton of free YouTube videos that can help people get into trading.
  4. 7rader


    i dont knw the guy or never met him b4, but i do watch his youtube videos and he does sem like he just really wants to help.