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  1. Count on it. The bull is back.
  2. I honestly thought Abbey Cohen had joined ET.
  3. Bullshit!

  4. ha ha ha hee :D

    get ready for a 200 to 300 pt drop by end of week......

    rest of year..... hamburger
  5. Are you fking crazy? Go see someone to get checked out.
  6. Watch crude fall 40 bucks, and the euphoria spread through Wall Street, and everyone will be yelping that the commodity genie is back in the bottle..

    Obama gets closer and closer to winning, thus bringing some dollar retracement..

    Congress, needing to get back into double digit approval, will actually DO something...probably regulatory related...

    Most of the bank debacles baked into the cake (for now) and everyone knows and expects housing to languish...

    I said it before, and I'll say it again..

    Spoo will be close to or at all time highs by years end... will all be an illusion...
    and the real pain will come in the next 4 years...
  7. its not just the oil / stocks relation...

    world wide economic slow down possibly on horizon.....

    finanacials not read to boom..... no finacials, no real rally

    rates go higher....

    and... oil is not going down 40 pts..... no way
  8. The markets has fallen so much they are nearly immune to negative economic data. It would take catastrophic news for the US markets to fall over 2% in a single day. No one cares about housing, recession, subprime, writedowns anymore.
  9. gucci


    The market perhaps?
  10. Why are you still here stock trader, you are a joke. Your opinions are irrelavent.
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