Snowden, really know knew the obvious?!

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  1. One of the kids just showed me another joke about Snowden. Are any of you really that stupid that you had no clue our government as well as any number of others were doing what he has described? Really are you all that naïve? I have been telling people this for at least 5 years, and that is probably conservative. I don't like it, but at the same time I also get why it happens on both sides of the equation. Right or wrong I again ask who the heck didn't realize this was happening? And if not, are you maybe too stupid to be on the internet?
  2. The hopelessly naive tit-suckers also call it a "conspiracy theory" until reality hits them with a 2x4 across the head.

    The documents simply proved it wasn't the fantasy of a bunch of "tin foil hatters".
  3. Max E.

    Max E.

    Ithink everyone was aware of the fact that if you type something like "ass#ass*nate obama" on the internet someone was going to see that and look at you, i dont think people thought the government was creeping in on your every email with no just cause.
  4. Creeping on your every email, yes and no. They record them for future use as needed. Don't be so stupid as to think this is simply an Obama issue. It has been going on in other administrations and will continue despite the phony hype. The idea is to prevent attacks, and there are those that will use it against people for political reasons, and for those who think that can't happen, well, go live on your fantasy island..moron.
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    What could Snowden get? Metadata? That is no biggie for many of us, no biggie at all. That can be gotten by amateur detectives in fact, or could a few years back. How many people could take it to the next level and get recordings of your phone calls, emails, etc?
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    Max E.

    When did i say it was solely an obama issue? I know it was there before bush created it, but it seems like it just evolves and becomes more inttrusive with each new politician.