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  1. How'd everyone do with the snow dumping?

    About 26 inches in my backyard.

    Here's a pic from the local newspaper's website.

  2. Global warming is a real drag.

    Can't they just stay inside and watch the Al Gore movie instead of working to clear snow? They should just wait two hours and the 1.7 degree change in the earth's normal temperature should melt it all.

    At the very least, they should could stay inside and surf the major invention that Al Gore blessed humanity with.
  3. ElCubano


    here's a pic where I'm at...:D
  4. That looks normal for my neighborhood in the winter (northern Quebec).

    However, this winter has been unusually mild until yesterday evening...

    We got a little over 3 feet of snow in about 12 hours.

    It almost brought the snow level up to what I'm use to seeing it at by this time of the year.