Snow because of global warming!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bugscoe, Feb 13, 2010.

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  2. extreme temporal swings in climate are PREDICTED by good global warming theory!
  3. Good point. How come most people simply miss this fact?

    Also, even if there is no global warming and no impending danger, surely all that pollution, exhaust emission, toxicity can't be good for health and environment. Should one consider the effects only if there is an apocalyptic danger? :confused:
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    I agree that we need to keep our house clean, all for it. It's when people skew data and promote half truths or lies to further their own self interests, that I have a problem.

    You want to come to me and say let's clean up the environment, then let's talk, but not this crap they are spinning now. It's nothing but an attempt for power and money.
  5. CO2 is not toxic .. plants eat it

    how people miss this fact is ... yada, yada, yada

  6. Yeah, but since extreme temporal swings in climate are known to occur
    it doesn't mean anything.

    When someone observers variation in the past it doesn't take a genius or revelation to predict it in the future.
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    why is it that snows do not disprove global warming. Yet idiots like olberman are saying they are predicted as part of climate change.

    Does anyone not see how stupid that is. I mean how truly dumb.
    If snows do not disprove climate change. Then warmth followed by snow can not prove climate change.

    Olberman and you true believers can not have it both ways.

    One weeks data is insufficient to disprove - but two weeks data is sufficient to prove. don't lie to us anymore.

    Now lets just clean up the oceans and stop the man made climate change guessing.
  8. I think if we do what Cambridge is doing, the problem of it snowing in the winter and it being hot in the summer (with rain showers) will be solved once and for all!

    This is The Gaian Workers’ Paradise of Cambridge. Welcome.
    'The City of Cambridge should plant more fruit and nut trees to be harvested by residents.' [Insert punchline here.]
    Posted by Vladimir
    Saturday, February 13th

    The City Council of Cambridge, MA established the Cambridge Climate Congress in 2009 and charged them with recommending actions to combat the “climate emergency” which currently threatens Life As We Know It in America’s most intellectual city.

    The committee was seated in December, and considering the gravity of the emergency, has acted with alacrity in preparing a vision of the City’s New Green Future. The Drafting Committee’s first stab at a set of recommendations (a 20-page .pdf file) is available here.

    While none of these measures have yet been enacted, they represent a window on the soul of the radical environmental movement, and the authoritarian means by which they’re prepared to force their vision on the rest of us.

    Harvard Hometown Plans Coercive Taxes, Veganism to Stop Climate ‘Emergency’

    But wait! There’s more!

    Other proposals include provisions to mandate “eating regionally” (a practice of dubious environmental value), restrictive zoning requiring new construction to have zero carbon footprint, and a mandated “temperate zone” program, banning space heating or cooling during certain months.
  9. Wahzzup with mister volcano. Don't quote me but I've read volcanoes have spewed more "pollutants" into the atmosphere than man-made.
  10. Volcanos are the result of global warming.
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